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An Island

An island sits, rooted deep in the seabed. It sees nothing but water for miles on every side, and the ocean isn't good company. It seeks only to steal sand from the island, tugging it from the edges of the shoreline as if the island might not notice. The island does notice. The two coexist, but they will never be friends. An island spends its life waiting for the misfortune of others. Perhaps some half-drowned sailor will wash up on its beach, or pirates will stop by to hide their stolen riches, or a runaway daughter will anchor her boat near the first shore she's seen in days.  An island wants a visitor to stumble across its undisturbed sand, be they coughing up water or carrying treasure or resting their ocean-weary body. It is happy to shelter them in the heart of its forest, because it knows what exhaustion the sea brings. It feels proud when its trees are chosen for a boat or shelter or fire. Its heart leaps at the shouts of celebrat

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