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Take a Breath

 It's time to let it go, leave it behind - Not The Same // Malinda I woke up at one-thirty a.m. on my eighteenth birthday and told myself that I didn't want the first decision I made as an adult to be a bad one. I bought a bag of Jolly Ranchers, and I think things are going alright.  I don't want to reflect on adulthood because honestly it scares me. It hasn't changed anything about my life so far, anyway. It's been a bit more than week, and all I've done is struggle through my homework and talk to friends. Though, I did vote. My birthday was the second, so I was barely eligible, but with this election being like it was, I'm glad I could have a say in it.   I tried taking some outfit pictures in my kitchen, and I kind of liked this one. Celebrating wasn't much because I'm not one for big gatherings. I played Cards Against Humanity with some of my friends while I struggled to stay awake, knowing full well I would be exhausted f

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